Giving Gift of Time with JORD Watches: Timepieces As Unique As Time Itself

Made from all natural materials – marble, wood & metals the stunning range by JORD make for a truly special gift


Perhaps the most precious commodity & yet also potentially the most undervalued.

When it comes to the non-tangible things in life I am sure it’s not just me who perhaps doesn’t pay as much attention to them as I do to those that I can hold in my hand or see the physical results of.

But that’s where today’s post will hopefully manage to do both – my words acting as a mind jolting reminder, & then the opportunity to win 1 of any the range of JORD’s beautifully unique watches being a real time (pardon the pun), pop on your wrist reinforcement of the importance of making the most of every minute. They have stunning timepieces for both men & women, or if you just want to know more about this guy here then go right ahead!

Right now before we get on to the main event of how to win £100/$100 towards this gorgeous prize (currency dependant on international location)I  just have to do my Nutritional Therapist thing for a moment, I promise to keep it brief though.

Taking time to prepare & savour your meals, however small, not only increases the enjoyment you feel but also the nutrition you gain!

Stress & anxiety are the scourge of modern society.

My clinic is full of many who have seemingly lost their connection with the analogue world as our technology driven existence canters ever faster.

This in the short term is reflected by poor sleep, feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, poor body image, weight gain & burnout, & then in the long term with the rise in chronic diseases, our tendency towards single use culture, & a general lack of appreciation of life as the wonderful thing it is!

So yes if I could click my fingers & gift anything in this fast paced world it would be a few extra seconds to breathe, a handful of extra moments to spend with loved ones, all of those things we know enhance our lives but that we perhaps don’t realise we’ve missed out on until they have ticked on by. Now as I’ve said I’m equally at fault here, although this lovely watch co-ordinates perfectly with my office decor I could definitely stand to step away from this desk for a few extra minutes each day!

And with that I will end my musings for the day, simply click here & fill in your details & you’ll be entered into the prize draw!

With healthy wishes,

Phoebe x

Wooden Wrist Watch

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