Califia Farms Feel Good Energy Campaign

I am somewhat obsessed with how the way we feed ourselves impacts our energy so when Califia UK came to me with a brief to take their products ¬†& encapsulate them in a recipe that can’t help but fill us with vigour my heart leapt.

Now they have an extensive coffee range (both with & without their nut milks included) but that to me seemed too obvious so instead I took their classic unsweetened almond milk & worked it into that invigorating summer favourite Рgazpacho.

I’m sure there is many a Spaniard out there who would denounce my unconventional hybrid of the classic garlicky tomato version with its beautifully milky white Ajo Blanco cousin but honestly I am unconcerned as the end result is just so delightful!

In terms of how this translates into energy well the combination of the micronutrient rich ingredients, picked at their prime in the summer months, then blended with the healthy fat rich almond milk for optimal absorption just sings of a symbiotic harmony that creates the chipper chappies we all hope to be at all times.

Find the full recipe here.