Download: Give Me A Week To Improve Your Sleep

Very few people that I encounter sleep enough. Or maybe they sleep the hours they should but they wake feeling tired, their energy fluctuates over the course of the day, they crave sweet foods, their hormones peak & trough like a rollercoaster ride, they are anxious, struggle with periods of low mood, can’t settle when they get into bed, or wake repeatedly.

Or all/a combination of the above apply. So they turn to stimulants like coffee, tea, matcha & energy drinks to keep them going.

Now I won’t claim to solve these issues in 7 days, & there are many factors that come into play when we are looking at sleep, energy & general nervous system health, but the simple adaptations I propose in this week long experiment will make a difference even if you just choose to apply the most basic of principles within.

Everyone’s experience will be different & as such I have offered numerous layers which you can choose to implement depending on your personal concerns. There is also a tracker to monitor progress, recipe suggestions & more.

Good luck & happy snoozing!

Phoebe x