RECIPE: 15 Minute Miso with Greens


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    Serves 2

    • 4 cups water
    • 1  cup sliced green chard, kale or cavolo nero
    • ½  cup sliced spring onion
    • ½ cup firm tofu, poached chicken breast or salmon
    • ½ cup edamame beans
    • 2 tbsp organic white miso paste *
    • 1 sheet nori (dried seaweed), cut into large rectangles 
    • 100g buckwheat, kelp or rice noodles

    *some varieties of miso are derived from barley and are not gluten free so if you are avoiding gluten make sure to check on the label. Clearspring brown rice and sweet white miso pastes are definitely gluten free.

    1. Cook the noodles per packet instructions. Buckwheat noodles will need to be boiled whereas rice noodles just need boiling water poured over them and to be left to soften for 9-10 minutes.
    2. Place the tofu between a few pieces of paper kitchen towel and place something heavy on top such as a chopping board with a couple of tins to squeeze out some of the moisture. If you are using chicken or fish instead place a small pan on a medium heat and fill halfway with water, bring to a boil then remove from the heat, add your chosen protein, cover with a lid and leave to poach for 15 minutes (chicken) or 7-10 minutes (fish). Once cooked remove and flake into pieces.
    3. Meanwhile add the measured water to a medium saucepan and bring to a low simmer.
    4. Add the nori and simmer gently for 5-7 minutes.
    5. Add the edamame, greens and cook for another couple of minutes until wilted then turn the heat off and add your tofu/chicken/salmon and stir through the miso paste. Check the level of seasoning and add a little more miso if required. The brown rice miso is a stronger taste than the sweet white miso so if you have chosen to use that instead you might need a bit more.
    6. Divide the noodles between 2 bowls and spoon over the soup. Top with your spring onions and enjoy.