RECIPE: Perfect Popcorn

    This recipe links to the post ‘Cleaning Up The Classics Part IVpopcorn

    Serves 2

    • 1 tsp coconut oil
    • 3 tbsp popcorn kernels + 3-4 to test



    1. Add the coconut oil to a large, deep stock pot style saucepan with a lid. Melt on a medium-high heat then add your 3-4 tester kernels.
    2. Cover with a lid and wait until they pop. At this point remove the pan from the heat and add the rest of your kernels, put the lid back on and give the pan a shake. Count to 30 seconds then put back on the heat. (This allows the rest of the kernels to all come to the correct temperature and avoids burning some whilst others are yet to pop)
    3. The popping should begin quite quickly, if you find it isn’t add a tiny bit more oil and shake the pan again.
    4. When the popping does start tip the lid in at an angle to allow the steam to escape (to ensure the crispest of results). Give the pan a shake every now and again to ensure any unpopped kernels fall to the bottom.
    5. Once the popping stops immediately tip into a large bowl and dive in!

    I personally think that the small amount of coconut oil on the warm, freshly popped corn is flavouring enough and so for now I will keep things simple. I do have grand plans for exciting flavours in future however so watch this space!