Super Easy Kimchi

  • Prep in 20 minutes (+ 1-5 days fermenting)

Including fermented foods in your diet daily is a great way to keep topping up levels of the beneficial bacteria in your gut to optimise your gut health. This super easy kimchi recipe needs little effort as it simply requires slicing vegetables, mixing and letting science do its thing! This recipe links to the post ‘How To Be A Superhero‘.

Key Facts

  • Delicious & Nutritious
  • Super Simple
  • Great For The Gut
  • Plant-Powered


  • 1 medium Chinese Leaf cabbage

  • 4 spring onions

  • 5 cloves of garlic, grated

  • 1 tsp freshly grated ginger

  • 3 tbsp (Korean red pepper flakes)

  • 3 tbsp additive free fish sauce

  • 1/4 cup fine ground pink Himalayan salt

  • 225g mooli or daikon (Japanese radish)


  1. 01

    Cut the Chinese leaf in half lengthways and then again into quarters. Remove the tough core then slice horizontally into inch thick strips, place in a large bowl with the Himalayan salt and toss well to coat completely, gently massage to start to soften the leaves.

  2. 02

    Place a plate on top on the cabbage and weigh it down with something heavy like cans of beans. Leave for 2 hours.

  3. 03

    Drain and rinse the cabbage well then leave to sit in the sieve for 15 minutes. Wash and dry the bowl ready for step 5.

  4. 04

    Meanwhile grate your garlic and ginger and mix to a smooth paste with the fish sauce and Korean pepper flakes.

  5. 05

    Peel and slice the mooli into matchsticks and slice the spring onions into 1cm pieces, add to the bowl with the drained cabbage and spice paste. I personally don vinyl gloves at this point but it’s not completely necessary.

  6. 06

    Use your hands to gently mix everything and coat in the spice paste evenly then pack down into a glass jar, press down firmly but gently so the liquid covers the top of everything and leaving a good inch of free space at the top. Seal with a lid.

  7. 07

    Leave at room temperature for 1-5 days, you will notice bubbles start to form, release these once a day and use a clean finger to squash the mix back under the brine. Pop the jar on a plate in case of brine overflow. Test the taste each day and once it is to your liking transfer to the refrigerator.

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