Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy?Functional Medicine Tree

Nutritional Therapy assesses the connection between all the  body systems and how decreased function in one can affect your overall health.  The impact of your environment, emotional state, sleep and stress levels are all considered, as these are known to influence our ability to heal and repair. By assessing your diet and lifestyle from all angles, a Nutritional Therapist not only aims to reduce any current symptoms, but also addresses underlying causes, supporting you to become as well as you can possibly be.

Nutritional Therapy is also beneficial when there is no current “ill health” state. A holistic assessment transforms simple dietary and lifestyles tips into guidance which can then be implemented long term.  I advocate a food first approach but may also consider therapeutic supplements depending on your particular needs.

Some examples I can help with:

    • Diabetes Management
    • Weight Management
    • Arthritis
    • Chronic Pain
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Food Intolerances
    • IBS
    • Fatigue
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Cardiovascular Health, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
    • Fertility and Preparing for Pregnancy
    • Childhood Nutrition
    • Autoimmune conditions; MS, Lupus, Crohn’s, Coeliac Disease
  • Generalised Healthy Eating Advice


Many will ask me how many sessions I believe it will take for them to see resolution or improvement with the issues we are discussing before their initial session. My answer to this is that it will entirely depend on you as an individual, the longevity of the health concerns you have, the pressures of your lifestyle and many other contributing factors.

Due to this I would suggest opting for the ongoing support and additional motivation provided by one of the package options below, however I am more than happy to offer individually priced sessions too. I give some explanation of each but please do be in touch to discuss which option would be best suited for your needs.

Initial Consultation £150              Follow Up £135


3 Sessions    £410

Ideal for those who need a bit of a health ‘top up’ or require support for a particular purpose such as a race or sporting event, or preparing for a surgical procedure. Many of my clients will also opt for this option once they have achieved their primary goals to continue to check in, we then tweak their diets to account for the changing pressures that are placed on us at different points in the year such as seasonal allergies or immune support in the winter, pre-empting illness and therefore removing it as a concern.

I also offer this to my clients looking to conceive as the sessions can be split with a partner, each receive targeted guidance on how to optimise their health to maximise fertility, and then they can choose either to use the final session together for generalised pregnancy support, or one can attend for both. I also offer the option to upgrade to either the 5 or 10 session packages to continue to support the mother’s evolving needs throughout the different stages of pregnancy, preparing for birth and early parenthood.

5 Sessions    £675

This would be my recommendation for anyone with more than 1 distinct issue, perhaps with additional concerns based on their family medical history or elements of their lifestyle that they cannot change but wish to balance out through ongoing support.

This may also be an option for someone looking to manage their weight, improve their emotional relationship with food, remedy disturbed sleep patterns and work on other conditions such as raised blood pressure, diabetes/pre-diabetes, increased cholesterol and digestive conditions including IBS.

10 Sessions    £1310

This package would be my recommendation for those with chronic health concerns such as autoimmune conditions (Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus etc), long term sleep, hormonal or anxiety disorders, inflammatory and pain related issues, chronic fatigue, and those who want to lose weight.

The spacing of the sessions will be tailored to your requirements but as an overall guide the continuously evolving nature of these kinds of issues would tend to mean I see people every 2-4 weeks, with ongoing email and/or telephone support in between sessions as needed.

*Terms and Conditions:

  • Please be aware that the above pricing structure is for clinic appointments, weekend and Home Visit charges will vary.
  • Initial consultation sessions will require a £25 deposit to confirm your booking, this will then be deducted from the session charge. If opting to pay session by session this will be required each time.
  • All packages must be paid for in advance to receive the discount they offer and used within 12 months of purchase.
  • Payment of invoices is required within 7 days of receipt.