Weight Management

I prefer not to use the terms ‘weight loss’ or ‘diet’ as I feel these inspire thoughts of deprivation and not particularly healthful habits.

My approach to helping you achieve your ideal weight is one centred around your particular needs and preferences, with guidance that you can implement long term for the achievement, and maintenance, of that goal.

I offer the following package if you solely wish to concentrate on this, however if you feel your weight is interlinked with, or may be contributing to, other health concerns I would suggest opting for a full Nutritional Therapy consultation instead. Please feel free to contact me to discuss which type of assessment would be most suitable for you, or for more information about Nutritional Therapy please click here.




This bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programme is designed to help you achieve your ideal weight and comprises 4 sessions over 12 weeks, with adjustments made to your regime at each review. Following an initial assessment you will receive a full nutrition plan, supportive exercise regime and additional resources if required.