“At 54 just as fit if not fitter than I was at 34. My doctor can’t believe it”
I am a type 2 diabetic in remission and  I have severe Bipolar disorder. I have been well with both conditions for several years however a routine diabetic eye test last December found the beginnings of retina damage, common in diabetic illness. This led to a doctor’s appointment where my GP told me that although I was fit, my waist measurement was well over the accepted norm and I needed to lose the inches as this affects blood sugar levels. This was why my retina damage was a silent symptom of Diabetes working away even though I was trying to  control my condition with diet and excercise. 
At 54. I had a descion to make. Clearly exercise and diet wasn’t doing the trick. No matter how much I exercised I wasn’t losing the weight around my middle. It was time to look at nutrition. So I went to see Phoebe on a recommendation from a friend . 
A comprehensive questionaire is sent to you BEFORE your first appointment. You fill in your basic details and a clear pattern of what you eat and when. This was refreshing to me . How many practitioners have I been to where the first session is taken up with endless admin at at a cost? Not with Phoebe.
 On our first meeting she already had a knowledge of my diet. It was clear although I had a handle on healthy eating, there was still too much sugar in my diet as well as too many carbohydrates. Both  are the enemy of Diabetes type 2 because they affect blood sugar levels. 
With scientific precision, Phoebe after asking many specific questions on that first meeting, was able to construct a new way of eating for me. It was in no way restrictive but actually liberating. I had a structure as  to what to buy and information about what foods were useful and when to eat them and why some foods weren’t good for me . 
It has been easy to implement and the weight fell of my waist very quickly in conjunction with exercise. 4 sessions and 4 months later I have lost 2 and half stone. No belly any more. It’s gone. My visceral fat went from 14 to 9. My blood sugars went down from 37 to 31. I am at 54 just as fit if not fitter than I was at 34. My doctor can’t believe it.
I could say it is a miracle. It isn’t. Firstly, it’s science – next it’s commitment. It is a lifestyle change that really works but only if you work it. If you have a real genuine desire to change your life , your body and the way you feel about yourself – GO TO PHOEBE . If no, eat cake. Simple .
Phoebe is a genuine, kind and highly skilled nutritionist. Not in anyway prescriptive. If you feel you can’t do or take something she will find a compromise.  
I had 4 sessions with her over 4 and half months. It’s not an endless financial gravy train and she is always on hand by email, phone or Skype for ongoing support and advice . 
Change, improve, get better. Do it. Thank you Phoebe!


“Consistently supportive, endlessly resourceful and very sympathetic”

When I came to see Phoebe in February 2019 I was suffering from poor digestion and energy dips throughout the day linked to insomnia. Phoebe immediately grasped the root of my problems, explaining in clear, accessible terms what was happening in my gut and adrenal glands. Efficiently, she suggested a plan of action that was both thorough and workable, combining practical tips, a regime of pills, and delicious recipes to enable a long-term change of dietary habit. To my initial surprise, it worked! My gut problem is 99.5 per cent resolved, and I have more energy than in the past 10 years, thanks to Phoebe’s excellent advice. Now I am working on a care plan, guided by Phoebe, to improve and maintain my sleep patterns. 

I have found Phoebe to be extremely thorough, consistently supportive, endlessly resourceful and very sympathetic. She is also efficient, hard-working and multi-talented with an in-depth understanding of the human body and how it works. And her recipes are terrific! I would highly recommend Phoebe to anyone. 



“She has given me my life back”

Following surgery to remove my gallbladder 25 years ago I have lived everyday with the consequences, some more dignified than others.

I actually went to see Phoebe on the advice of my ankle surgeon as I was suffering with gout, but low and behold within days of our first meeting she had pretty much ridded me of the most inconvenient and often embarrassing issues. Within 4 weeks they were totally gone and I was able to introduce foods I have had to avoid for over 2 decades. In short she has given me my life back, I can not recommend her highly enough.
Oh and the gout is long gone too. 


“I highly recommend”

“Being under the guidance of Phoebe has really made me understand what I can and can’t eat – and why.  Her extensive knowledge of personalising diet plans and nutritional expertise is unparalleled. The nutrition program Phoebe tailored for me as a Crohn’s patient has been very helpful in making me aware and accountable for eating healthy foods and exercising daily. I highly recommend Phoebe for everything and anything if you’re trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle!” 



“My health and happiness has vastly improved”

“Phoebe offers her time and knowledge extremely generously. She is kind, approachable and understanding and is confident in her therapy. She looks on you as an individual and your issues holistically and will not hesitate to recommend you other therapies if need be. My health and happiness has vastly improved since seeking Phoebe’s support, I have not stopped singing her praises and recommending her to friends!” 



“Made a huge difference to my well-being”

Phoebe has been extremely helpful and professional and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants nutritional help and advice. She has made a huge difference to my well-being.”


“Hugely impressed”

“Phoebe is immensely knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements and wellbeing. 

She pulled together the disparate strands of my medical and health history, worked out how each might affect my body, separately and together, and gave me first-rate advice on how to minimise their negative impact through nutrition and supplements. I am hugely impressed. 

I initially went for myself and have returned also for advice for optimum wellbeing for my children. 

She is also lovely to deal with – encouraging, sensitive with her advice and helpful.”



“Most dramatic and effective improvement on my health & wellbeing”

“After quite a long period of ill health, I found the advice that Phoebe gave me made the most dramatic and effective improvement in my health and wellbeing. She made me feel genuinely cared for, offering changes in my eating habits that have corrected long-standing problems with tiredness, breathing and low mood.

Her knowledge is extensive and I’ve been surprised by how much she knows about general health, not just nutrition. She has given me just the right amount of structure for me to make changes, without overwhelming me with information. She has given excellent advice about my son, aged 9, too; when he was ill, she was the first person I got in touch with and her remedy worked speedily. I’ve really enjoyed everything she has taught me, on top of feeling so much better!”


“An expert…”

I have whole-hearted trust in Phoebe. She has a holistic approach to health and nutrition, and an incredible depth of knowledge of the human body and brain. I would call Phoebe an expert in utilising the best food that is available to us and combining this with just the right type of supplementation to reach optimal health – not just physical health but also mental fitness.





“Fantastic, clear and engaging”

“Phoebe’s webinar was fantastic.  She is one of the best presenters I have heard in a while.  Her material was clear and well structured.  She was engaging and her slides were excellent.” 



“Made a complex topic understandable”

“I was very impressed, Phoebe made a complex topic understandable with great, accessible, detailed content. The presentation was very comprehensive and Phoebe dealt with all questions clearly and concisely before signing off with clear summary points. Great style and tone.”


“Hugely inspiring”

“Phoebe’s talk was hugely inspiring. In a media bombarded world where it is difficult to work out fact from fiction she clearly explained the different considerations we need to make when looking at our diet. As soon as she was finished I raced off to the shops to stock up on her suggestions!”


“Incredibly knowledgeable” 

“To put it simply Phoebe told me everything I need to know right now. She was clear, concise and incredibly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend going to any event she is speaking at!”


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