RECIPE: Sleep Soundly Smoothie


    Following on from this post of my conversation with the lovely team at Motion Nutrition on my top tips for improving sleep quality comes this recipe for 1 of my favourite ways to encourage someone back into a good & restful sleep cycle.

    If you scan through that interview you’ll see I talk about the necessity for balancing blood sugar & stress levels earlier in the day, both through diet & lifestyle alterations, to ensure that 1) You fall asleep & 2) You stay asleep.

    For some this takes a little while & adding in a little boost before bed can be a fantastic way to get things headed in the right direction. See below for my perfectly targeted & terrifically tasty way to do this, it is definitely an example of how therapeutic foods can be damn delicious too!


    Per person

    • 1 large handful spinach
    • 30g Motion Nutrition whey (I’ve used the raw cacao here but you could use any of the blends, peanuts are also a natural tryptophan source so you’ll still get some if you use the vegan roasted peanut blend too!)
    • 1 tablespoon jumbo oats
    • 1 date
    • 1 tablespoon tahini or pumpkin seed butter
    • ½ heaped teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon
    • ½ teaspoon reishi powder
    • 1-1.5 cups oat milk (super lovely if used warm!)


    Add everything to a high speed blender & whizz until divinely smooth and silky!