Making every mouthful matter

I began Natural Nourishment as a means of sharing my recipes and to give clear, unbiased nutritional guidance, and this has now happily evolved and melded into my clinical practice. I truly believe that every mouthful does matter as the choices we make in terms of our diet have the power either to heal or to hurt us.

This is not to say that we should deprive ourselves of the things we enjoy, far from it! I simply propose utilising alternative ingredients, methods and positive lifestyle choices to optimise all aspects of mental and physical well being.

My Approach

When consulting with clients I always begin with dietary alterations as there is usually a tremendous amount we can achieve with these alone. Small, manageable changes over a period of weeks & months mean nothing becomes overwhelming, with ongoing support available throughout. If I feel therapeutic supplements or additional testing may be of benefit in a particular situation this is something I would discuss with that individual.

Through my own experiences I know & understand the journey my clients will be taking, & feel that the combination of my professional study with practical implementation advice provides the most advanced & approachable form of support available. As with any aspect of our lives, if we have neglected our health for some time it will not be an overnight fix, but I am confident that by working together I can help you to feel & live the best you possibly can. For a little snapshot of the lovely comments some of my clients have left please do visit my testimonials page.

More information on Nutritional Therapy can be found here but please do feel free to contact me to discuss your particular situation & what I feel will be of most benefit to you.

I am convinced that everyone can eat well & thoroughly enjoy doing so if given the right tools, & it is my hope that you will swiftly come to agree with me.

With healthy wishes,


BSc (Hons), Dip NT, mBANT, mNNA, CNHC registered, GNC registered